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Birthday Tarot Reading

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This listing is for a birthday centric personalized nine card tarot reading done by the house witch of Moonstone Magic.

This spread looks at your birth card and year card as well as two cards around what you've grown from, with the final 5 cards looking towards your next year. You will receive the reading as a PDF including photos of the spread. If you prefer a real time reading, I can also deliver it over Zoom or Google Meet.

When ordering, please drop the name of the person the reading is for, their birthday (MM/DD/YYYY), and the email address for the recipient. If you'd like a real time reading, please drop in your availability and we can confirm a date and time over email. I am located in EST.

Please allow 3-5 days for the reading to be completed.


Moonstone Magic is brought to you by its house witch, Amanda, who has been studying tarot for about three years, taking many courses and reading every tarot book she can find. Her approach to tarot is soul-centered and her readings are focused on becoming the best selves we can, in relation to who we are meant to be and how we relate to our physicality. It's part of Cosmic Cry Productions (, a queer-owned art, music and mystic duo.